Every year, the Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands organizes a range of activities. The most important one is the Annual Conference Narrative Journalism, but there are also lectures and, of course, the yearly (online) yearbook Meestervertellers, which presents the best Dutch-language narrative journalism of the year.


Every year in the spring, the Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands organises a two-day conference, to inspire you and show you how you can make the best narrative journalism. The 2018 Conference, ‘True Stories’ will take place on 19 and 20 April. This year, we take a look at Europe: which storytelling traditions are there in our continent? How does your location in this world influence the way in which you construct your story? Here you can find all messages related to the Conference.

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A narrative arc and a storyline, well-developed characters, a smooth style, eye for detail, and a vivid play of imagery and language. You can read a good story in one go. What were the best, most beautiful journalistic narratives in the previous year in the Dutch language? What did we read without taking a breath, what did we watch until the last credits rolled? Note that this section is only for Dutch-language narrative. Here you can find all messages related to Meestervertellers.

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Gerard van Westerloo Lecture

A narrative journalist tells us more about their own work during this lecture. Gerard van Westerloo applied four principles in his stories: he chose everyday subjects when nothing happened, he waited as long as it took to get a complete image, chose to talk to the people himself, and the people he interviewed weren’t otherwise represented.

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Day of the Great Story

It is the dream of many a journalist, to write the One Great Story. But, how do you go about doing that if you are a freelancer? Which organization will commit itself to you and your big project, and who will pay for your travel and, not unimportant, all the time you spend on it? Because of course, bills still need to be paid.

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