The Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands organises a wide array of activities throughout the year. While many of these events are in Dutch, the yearly Conference Narrative Journalism, is always in English. This conference provides an opportunity for upcoming Dutch and international journalists and initiatives to showcase their work on narrative journalism, give workshops and engage in debate.

This is the English page of the initiative, where you will find the latest information about the Conference and other activities by the Initiative.

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Core activities

We organise a yearly conference with inspiring speakers from the Netherlands and around the world.

A digital yearbook is published every year. It presents the best examples of narrative journalism in written, spoken, and visual form.

We have established a development programme for media frontrunners. Journalists from six different editorial boards gather quarterly to learn from each other, and from renowned speakers, focusing on better integrating narrative journalism in the newsroom.

We developed a narrative peer group, for journalists working on their own narrative projects. The peer group meets on a monthly basis to provide feedback on current work.

The first Gerard van Westerloo Lecture was organised on 14 November 2013, featuring Alan Cullison, from the Wall Street Journal.

Throught the year we organize different lectures on narrative journalist, also in cooperation with organisations like the Dutch-Flemish Association for Investigative Journalists (*VVOJ*), or LokaalMondiaal journalism foundation.

We seek collaboration with narrative journalism conference elsewhere in Europe and in the United States, as well as with Dutch organisations, wherever this helps us further our goals.

Our website seeks to be an inspiring display of compelling examples of narrative journalism.