This anthology presents a selection of the best European narrative journalism of the moment. These stories held large audiences in their grip and teach profound lessons about European societies and societies around the globe.

The narrators in Over the Line clearly show that the genre of narrative journalism has become mature. European journalists have definitely found their own voices and clearly demonstrate that they master the genre at their fingertips. How could they not, with the distinct and varied narrative traditions in Europe.

The narrators cross lines in many ways. They often cross their national borders chasing their stories. But they also crossed the lines between different media, narrative traditions and journalistic methods. In doing so, they have developed new narrative approaches. Bernt Jakob Oksnes, for example, found a way to serialize his multimedia story about an apparently dead baby, and kept the entire Norway glued to his newspaper for many weeks. Terje Abusdal made intriguing pictures of a people that have long become extinct, blurring the line between fiction and reality. Stephanie Bakker and Yvonne Brandwijk defined new boundaries of cross-media storytelling, that present and represent deep layers of journalistic content.Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel made the horrifying conditions in refugee camps in Turkey, and the failure of the international political community, tangible through the way they composed their story.

All contributors in this collection have found a balance between narrative impact and journalistic relevance. This is not to say that this balance is the same in all stories. But in all contributions the narrative won over the issues of the day. All great journalism has a certain timelessness and simultaneously an unmissable relevance at this juncture of time. True stories haunt the brains of readers, spectators and listeners. This is the true power of narrative journalism.

 – The editors                  

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Editors 2018

Gertjan Aalders
Paulien Bakker
Henk Bas
Menno Bosma
Bram Vermeer
Randy Vermeulen
Joost Wilgenhof

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Alba León

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Inge Oosterhoff