True Stories: Beyond the Bubble

On May 16th and 17th Stichting Verhalende Journalistiek (Narrative Journalism Foundation) will host its annual conference True Stories in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. This years theme for the conference will be “Beyond The Bubble”. 

In these times marked by protests, polarizing politics and prejudice, the power of the narrative is more apparent than ever. Storytelling can bring us together or drive us apart. The stories we tell might have the power to bridge the divide, but how?

At our 9th conference on narrative journalism, we join boundary-breaking makers from all over the globe, to examine how we can use our storytelling tools to effectively navigate a fragmented landscape of narrative bubbles.

How can we invite our audiences to listen rather than judge, and how do we immerse ourselves and others in worlds and narratives that are difficult to access or comprehend? Should we be more critical of amplifying certain voices, or should we approach each narrative with an open mind? How do we deal with divisive stories? What can we gain from cross-media collaborations? And should we look beyond the borders of familiarity, or critically examine what’s close to home first?

This year’s conference True Stories: Beyond the Bubble will include masterclasses, panel discussions and some incredible speakers. The conference will start on Thursday May 16th with a series of industry workshops and a thrilling debate on where the line is and should be between journalism and storytelling. On Friday May 17th, some of today’s leading narrative journalists and makers will host sessions discussing their own experiences and productions. Amongst them we have Mimi Lok, executive director of Voice of Witness, which she co-founded with Dave Eggers; documentary maker and sound artist Hana Walker Brown, who make the compelling audio documentary These Roads, and journalist Thomas Rueb, who wrote the award-winning book Laura H..

Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed will close this year’s conference with a very special bonus-lecture on Saturday May 18th.

Will you join us in Amsterdam on May 16th & 17th – and the bonus-lecture on the 18th – to get inspired and take your narrative beyond the bubble? 


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