Pakhuis de Zwijger

Storytelling in the digital age. That is the theme for the 2016 Conference of the Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands.

For the first time we have asked an expert to curate our conference, and we are proud to announce that Amy O’Leary is working with us to make this event a success.

amyhighrezAmy O’Leary worked as a producer for This American Life, the popular American radio show. In her eight years at the New York Times she held half a dozen job titles. She was one of the main contributors to the 2014 Innovation Report that discussed the future of the newspaper. She became Deputy Director of the International Desk at the Times, but her drive to measure and keep the attention of the public led her to leave the paper and become Editorial Director at Upworthy.

In her speeches Amy underscores that, thanks to the internet, there is no limit to the quantity of information that is produced. But there is a limit to our attention. So how can the media compete against games, Facebook and on-demand TV in this war for consumer attention? And what kind of solutions can the internet provide?

Each media organisation looks for ways to reach readers in the digital age—in a world already full of information. From her trenches in New York City, where she resides, Amy has invited the most interesting storytellers in the digital age. Who are the brilliant minds that quench her thirst for information? What is the role of narrative journalism online? Where does the future lie for online media?

Each of the passionate storytellers that Amy has invited is a new-media pioneer. In his or her own way, each speaker is an example of New Journalism 3.0, in other words, the New New New Journalism.

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