Warning: this years conference is not for stubborn lone wolfs.

An extraordinary narrative is not created in a vacuum; it’s a process. That’s why the Amsterdam Narrative Journalism Conference on the 18th and 19th of May is entitled “Amplify Your Story”.

As the award-winning journalists at this year’s conference will show us, a great story is always the result of teamwork. It takes a team to find the right topic; to bring out the best possible story; to distribute the work – and getting it to resonate.

We’re happy to announce that this year’s conference is curated by journalism professor Jacqui Banaszynski, a Pulitzer-winning journalist who has also helped other journalists receive accolades. For this year’s event, she has invited a team of journalists that have managed to amplify their stories by working together. Enjoy their thrilling true stories, their passionate talks – and learn how their brilliant work came about.

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